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The perimeter of a rectangular field is 216 metres and its breadth is 40 metres . Find the length and area of the rectangle.



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Updated On: 24-4-2021

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`=4720 m^(2)`.`=3720 m^(2)`.`=2920 m^(2)`.`=2720 m^(2)`.

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59questions on the perimeter of a rectangular field is 216 and its breadth is 40 m find the length and area given perimeter of rectangle which is equal to 216 and the back which is given as 40 m ok now as we know that my dearest and perimeter of rectangular field perimeter of rectangle are equal to 2 x of length + soya milk substitute the value so perimeter of rectangle given as 216 this is gonna be equal to 2 x of length we will calculate first and trust that is 40 m
01:00 - 01:59amplifier so 216 is equal to 2 x of length and + 2 into 40 this becomes a t no further we will simplify so 216 we will subtract 88 the left hand side two trains of length so this is gonna be equal to 136 136 is equal to 2 x of length now length can be calculated by 13672 will be going to win the denominator length will be equal to half of 136 that you own an equal to 68 68 M is the length of rectangle will calculate the area of rectangular field area of rectangular field can be calculated
02:00 - 02:59length into breath ok so here are the length and 68 and update that is 40 survival X is a given as 40 m so we will substitute this value after then we will multiply 40 so this is gonna be equal to 2720 and the unit will be metre square find the kindness for this question and q

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