The perimeter of a rectangle plot is 32 metres. If the length is increased by 2 metres and the breadth is decreased by 1 metre, the area of the plot remains unchanged. Find the dimensions of the plot.



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Updated On: 31-5-2021

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Answer :
10 m and 6 m



00:00 - 00:59the question is the perimeter of a rectangular plot is 32 metre if the length is increased by 2 metres and the breadth is decreased by 1 m the area of the plot remains unchanged find the dimensions of all electric length be length equal to X M and length L and mass M and breadth and breadth is = 2y meta language acoustic M and breadth is equals to I M taking these two variables now the perimeter therefore perimeter perimeter will be equal to 2 into X + Y and it is given to be good to 32 or from here X + Y = 2 X + will be up to 16 and their families find the value of X equal to 16 - 5
01:00 - 01:59and one more thing area area is equal to is the length and breadth is widely used to link into Madness x y m square so according to question it is said that when a person is said that if the breadth is if the length is increased by 2 metre the length is increased by 2 metres and the breadth is decreased by 1 m the area remains unchanged that means according to Visnagar right according to question what we can write we can write that + 2 into 1 minus and breadth is decreased by 1 but the area remains unchanged that means it will be the reason that it will be acquired or if the value of x is equation substituting substituting the value the value of x
02:00 - 02:59what will get will get at simply sofas will write 6 minus y minus y + 2 x minus 1 minus 1 equals to increase 3216 minus y x y 16 + 2 - 18 - 5 x minus one will be used to 16 Y minus y square or from here 18182 - 18 - 18 - 4 and + Y is equal to 16 by minus y square so as to why is length so I can't meaning I will be cancelled or not so here you will find a 3 by defeating the 16 wherein the said it will be eaten by minus 2 Y is equals to if you bring the -18 on the items that you waiting that means sorry
03:00 - 03:59to i y India won more why is there Y + 2 Y + 12 = 218 sunao HD I will be good to 18326 so here I got that the length of the British 6 so here we have to find out the length of the rectangle now that I found out that Y is equals to 6 m a y is equals to 16 - 62 a Pound of the dimensions of the rectangular plot therefore length length is equal to 10 metre and breath breath is equal to 6 m ok so this is the dimension of the rectangular plot this is required solution of this question thank you

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