The perimeter of a certain sector of a circle of radius 5.7 m is 27.2 m. find the area of the sector



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Updated On: 1-6-2021

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Answer :
`45.03 m^(2)`



00:00 - 00:59total students in this question we have given that the perimeter of a certain sector of a circle of radius 5.7 M is given to us as 27 and to find the area of this Sector 16 1st sector for it so the students let considered the sector of radius R an angle theta ke and we need to calculate the area of the sector and we have the perimeter of the sector ok so why using the perimeter of the sector we can calculate this theta and then we can calculate the area ok so Si perimeter of sector given by these are class are made to our plus the length of this Arc will be given by 25 are treated 360 degree so let me calculate this ok this perimeter is given to us as 27.2
01:00 - 01:59and this will Bittu in radius is given as 5.7 M ok + 2 into value of pi 3.14 ok and radius is 5.7 into theta when it to find / 360 degree 35.7 ok so this will be 27.2 equal to this 5.7.22 will give me 11.4 ok plus this to INR to 3.14 into 5.7 will be giving me 35.7 96 and into this theta / 360 degree restaurant so she was amplified is this will be 272 7.2 - of this 11.4 ok
02:00 - 02:59/ this 35.790250 360 degree slope from here I will be getting the value of my teeth are as this will be given with 20 7.2 - 11.4 will be giving me 15.8 ok into this 360 degree ok / 35.7 96 ok so my treatable approximately equal to what 150 8.9 degree ok now as we have found the theatre angle of the sector of this angle of this sector ok so now I can find my lady not my area with capital ok as we know that area of the sectors given Wi-Fi R square into theta / 360 degree ok now I can just
03:00 - 03:59the value of Y is 3.14 ok are we have given to be 5.7 so I can write a 5.7 square ok and theta we are found to be 150 8.9 degree / 360 degree my area will coming out to be what if I do this calculation my areas come approximately 45.0 3 square area so we understand the solution thank you

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