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The orthocentre of the triangle formed by the lines `x=2,y=3` and `3x+2y=6` is at the point

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(2,0)(0,3)(2,3)none of these

Answer :
Solution :
We know that the orthocentre of a right triangle is at the vertex forming right angle. Here, x=2 and y=3 are perpendicular sides of the given triangle. So, their point of intersection i.e., (2,3) is the orthocentre.


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hello everyone they are question is the orthocentre of the Triangle formed by the line x is equals to 2 Y is equals to 3 and 3 X + 2 Y is equal to given the four you need to find character find out if this question using a diagram that there is an equation of three sides is given that the first side its second side decoration inside that if Y is equals to 3 and another site 3 X + 2 Y is equals to 6 I can find the orthocentre of the triangle what is orthocentre pathav Centre is the point of intersection of the altitudes of a triangle so we need to find altitude one thing we need to know if that first of all we need to the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle let that the triangle is ABC having the water should A B and C as the line ab is having the equation X ^ 2 on the line ab

Akon it will be too so exponent of A and B will be to BC is having equation of Y is equals to 3 so on the Internet at 30 and plotting the y-coordinate after simplifying would need to find the coordinates of a and see right through to find the coordinates of a as we put in the value of x x 2 X + 2 Y is equals to 6 p.m. will be close to the voice coming out to be zero to find the coordinates X co-ordinate of three letter code the value of Y co-ordinate as questions after putting out and getting the coordinates of access to find the altitude Let me find the slopes of the ab BC and see that it was too stupid to is the line which is parallel to the y-axis because 222

tattoo because to infinity that is having the type of LINE which is which is parallel to the axis is it flow will be equal to zero so as we can see that the two line ab and BC is parallel to y I can conclude that ab is perpendicular to BC if AD and BC both are perpendicular to each other then Angle B must be a right angle abc is a right angle triangle at the angle b is equal to 90 degree to find than DA order Tute of the triangle ABC if ab and BC are the attitude that the point of intersection is B2B is your percent centre of the earth

ABC coordinates of orthocentre are to form 3 from the options given the option is the correct answer thank you

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