The orthocenter of the triangle formed by the lines xy=0 and x+y=1 is



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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Answer :
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The lines by which triangle is formed are `x=0,y=0and x+y=1`. Clearly , it is a right triangle . We know that in a right angled triangle , the orthocenter coincides with the vertex at which right angles is formed . Therefore , the orthocenter is (0,0).



00:00 - 00:59hello friends in this question we have given a pair of LINE which is this and other and are also given a line which is this and we have to find the orthocentre of the triangle now we know that we have given line x y equal to zero so basically X equal to zero and Y equal to zero now and it is also given that X + Y equal to 1 now first of all sketch a graph of this now this is our line of first of all make a graph now now we can this is basically X + Y equal to 1 this is expressed by X + Y equal to 1 and this is our why this is our Y equal to zero and this is our X equal to zero now this basically
01:00 - 01:59take a right angle this is right angle triangle this is right angle triangle and we know the property that in Auto Centre Auto Centre Auto Centre is origin if it if a triangle makes if triangle makes if triangle makes right angle triangle right angle triangle so so option number 3 is correct thank you

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