The order of the differential equation of the family of curves y=k_(1)2^(k_(2)x)+k_(3)3^(x+k_(4)) is (where, k_(1),k_(2), k_(3), k_(4) are arbitrary constants)



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Updated On: 6-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Spanish question we have asked order of differential equation of the family of curve Y is equal to K 11222 actor 2 X + 3 into 3 raise to x + 4 k 4 when K1 K2 K3 ke pura arbitrary constant flight to what is our order of differential equation right order of differential equation we can say it is equal to the number of different arbitrary constant number of different RB tree constant is equal to constant constant ok so this is equal to the order of the differential equation right so our equation given voice call to ke 12 ke 2 X + 332 X + K 48 so I am time to make number of constant as
01:00 - 01:59as less as possible total number of constant flight to first of all these ke 15 can't make this given or I can't modified Discover a new tourist to ke 2 into X same way I can't do anything with this ke to write it should be that now this is Kesari but you know that 3 raise to x + K is as a free ride 3 raise to x rate in 23 days to ke for flight I can write this is to keep for into 32 I want I am going I am taking now this constant is a constant threat to ke for I am taking this as a ke 4-12 will be ke 12 ke 2 X + 3 into 3 raise to x into ke 4-8 now what I am doing I am joining this K3 and ke for dash as a single
02:00 - 02:59this both are constant S I T Y is equal to ke 12 ke 2 X + taking a dash I am writing here K3 into a 4-3 call to write two days will be changed into 3 raise to x light up up now in this equation I can see that this three constants K1 and K2 and Kate test this will be there not icon now I can't decrease number of constant from so the total number of West Indies 3 light order will be equal to a different constant of the India equation audible of the situation will be the right option will be option number thank you

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