The number of ways in which 20 different pearls of two colours can be set alternately on a necklace, there being 10 pearls of each colour, is



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Updated On: 21-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone in which 20 different pulse of two colours can be set alternatively on a necklace they being 10 pulse of each cal so it is saying we have to make a necklace necklace will be something like this place will be something like this so it is saying we have 20 different per of two colours so what does that mean first we arrange 10 colours can be set alternatively and they are set alternatively it will be like this love 12345678 910 and another will be like this 12345678 910 we can say that we have to fix one every fixed first it will
01:00 - 01:59arranging first it will be 9 factorial because in first type of we have fix this one then arrange remaining nine into this remaining this template will be that is 10 factorial or we can understand whenever we have to arrange anything in the circular form then the formula for that is equal to 2 and -1 factorial 9 factorial then on the remaining please Villa in remaining time for that 10 factorial this is now we have one more thing when we have arranged this so it is a clockwise direction it is it clockwise direction but when we arrange this is it anticlockwise direction it will look exactly same so clockwise and anticlockwise direction is not affecting so in this we have included both so we have to remove have severe 2 / 2 now let's try to simplify it if I write 9
02:00 - 02:59factorial into 10 into 9 factorial divided by 28 will cancel out this will be 5 show 9 factorial square 9 factorial in 29 factory in 25 correct this is our second current five and answers over answer is option number second 9 factorial square in 5 thank you so much everyone

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