The number of solutions of the system of equations: `2x+y-z=7` `x-3y+2z=1,i s` `x+4y-3z=5` is (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 1 (d) 0

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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equations is that the number of coalition of the system of equation 2x + Y - 4 = 27 and x minus 3 Y + Z = 1 and X + 4 Y - 5 is option is 3 option 20 21 adoption is zero how to find the number of forces of equations and their given three questions the first ones to X + Y - 4 = 27 25 - Z = 27 the second equation x minus 3 Y + Z = 21 third equation will be X + 4 Y - 3 Kishan 1 question 20 question 3 we can write the three questions in a X equal to b form so and where a matrix is equals to matrix 21 -

1 is corporation of X Y and Z and then 1 - 32 and then 14 and minus 3 and the matrix equals to the values will be X Y and Z and B Matrix that is equals to 7 1 AND 5 and now come here we can write it as where to find the value of x so and they are given equal to we have a typical from where we can i x and we know that a inverse is equal to adjoint a divide by determinant of a superb to find the value of determinant of a to find whether it contains a solution it contains an operational infinite solution to determinant of a is equals to 1 - 11 -

32 14 - 3 so that is equals to determine if equals to open this determined from First row to we get to into 9 - 8 - 1 and from here - 3 - 2 -1 of oneplus 3 Sonakshi Bass amplifier 2 + 5 - 700 from here we can determine of is equal to zero it means it contains no salt aur infinite solution but we have also was because too but we also a inverse is equals to adjoint Diwali by determinant of a window that was admitted to a determinate and indeterminate

is equal to zero at a inverse does not exist in this doesn't exist it music and ride details from here we can write that the value of XYZ has no solution xyz has no solution has no pollution so and infinite solution will happen then inverse rupee exist but there is no solution will be at this then inverse doesn't exist so it have zero solution option d is correct

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