The number of solutions for the equation sin^(-1) sqrt((x^(2)-x+1))+cos^(-1)sqrt((x^(2)-x))=pi is :



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Updated On: 20-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question is the number of solution for the question Sin inverse under root x square minus x + 1 + Cos inverse under root x square minus x is equal to so here we have equation Sin inverse under root x square minus x + 1 + Cos inverse under root x square minus x = 25 so we know the range of Sin inverse sorry domain of Sin inverse x minus 5 by 2 2.2 so this range will be -121 female aveeno domain of Cos inverse axs02 by that means range of their cause is -1
01:00 - 01:5921 now so from the situation we can say that under root x square minus x + 1 is lying between -1 and 1 sunaiye squaring body side so we get one x square minus x + 11 that means a square minus x + 1 equal to 1 so from this we get access square minus x = 20 so we get x square x - 1 we get to value of x 10 and other one is one now from this here we can see that x square minus will lie between sorry sorry for this at this Xmas Vega
02:00 - 02:5970 so here we get access kar -1 greater than zero as if this will become - so the whole equation will become greater than Pi this must be greater than zero to from this we get two values are equal to zero and one that means we have only two solution so our option B is correct

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