The number of solution of x^( 1 + logx) = 10 x is __________



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Updated On: 14-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59students in this question is required to find out the number of solution of X raise to 1 + log x equals to 10 x this is the equation for which we have to calculate the number of solution first let's write the equation X raised to 1 + log it equals to 10 x now if I take log taking log with base 10 on both sides Power Will ship shift in front so this will become oneplus log x this is the power and applying the Logon this X so this will be log base 10 into this will become law based tenant to tenant ok now we can use this property that log ab is actually equals to log A + log bhi
01:00 - 01:59so for sale open this racket log 10 X + log 10 x whole square equals to applying this property here so this will become log base 10 of 10 plus block B with yeast Exo log base 10 x now log Desh Ke of a is equal to 1 only so this term will become one and let this be as it is this clock in and distance x whole square disturb will get cancelled out with this term 1st shift this one on the left hand side square minus 12 this is of the form if I take square here so this is of the form a square minus b square so I can write
02:00 - 02:59it like this log base 10 X + 1 a plus b a minus b log base 10 x - 1 = 20 so for such type of equality when the product of these two terms ab = 20 then either of these terms can be you that means log base 10 X + 1 can be = 20 and log base 10 x minus one = 20 now from here log base 10 x = 2 - 1 and log base 10 x = 2 + 1 no no one thing that if I am writing log base a of B is equals to see then it implies that b is actually equals to this raise to the power areas to see now applying this property on both of these this will become
03:00 - 03:59this will become X raise to x equals to 10 raise to minus one this will become X equals to 10 raise to 1 this will become 1 by 10 or 0.1 will become X = 210 so the solutions that you are getting are 0.1 and 10 so the count of the number of these solutions are to so the final answer to your question number of solution for this function is to

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