The number of real roots of the equation 1+3^(x//2)=2^(x), is



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Updated On: 19-6-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59everyone the question is the number of real roots of the equation oneplus 3 to the power x divided by 2 equal to 2 to the power x is given for a first 10 second one third 12144 will consider this equation select right what is given to it is given that oneplus 3 to the power x by 2 oneplus 8 Lite battery equals to 2 to the power x power there is also the power what we can do we can divide the whole equation by today so I can write dividing dividing by so what we get here that it will be worn by 24 to the power x divided by X + this value will be 3 to the power x by 2 / 2 to the power x equal to 1 prove that it will be 1 by 2 to the power x + it will be if we consider the / to that means it is said to have which is root 3
01:00 - 01:59anyway keep the to the same spot will get root 3 by 2 whole to the power x wouldn't do anything with the x power we just this one by two power is root 3 root 3 root 3 X is equals to a customer now if we put the value here if you put the values at X equal to what we get it will get it has won by 2 + root 3 by 2 equal to what it will be girls 21.236633 put the value equals to 1 by 2 + root 3 by 2 the value of root 3 is 1.73 divide by 2 + 1 by 2 which makes 1.36 which is equals to 8 which is greater than one now if I put access to an excuse to sorry executive at X = 21 web seen this now easy access to do if we put the value of X equal to 2 then what will get here it will be one
02:00 - 02:59Hotel part 2 + root 3 and if you put the village to it will be returned to access query cancels will get only 32 square which is equal to what is equals to 1 by 4 + 3 by 4 is equal to effective December 24 and the pneumatic but also for which is equal to one can see that after putting the value of access to get the value of now they are you can see that this value is what this is what this was less than one this will also less than 1 value select players then 1 and this is the explained here if we increase the power of X that means if we increase the power of a number which is less than one the number will be become more smaller getting more and more they will never be close to earth
03:00 - 03:59what one so here you can say that only only equals to 2 is the value is the value is the is the value via via the equation the equation equation satisfies the equation status so that we can write that that phone number of solution equal to watt = 21 which is a lot of fun to this is a solution of this special thank you

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