The number of points where f(x) = [sin x + cosx] (where [.] denotes the greatest integer function) x in (0,2pi) is not continuous is



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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Text Solution

(A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5(D) 6

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello students to devar question is the number of point where f x is equals to MOD of sin x + cos x where this did not the greatest integer function so this is effects is the greatest integer function of sin x + cos x where x 20 to 25 not continuous in VR for for a given we have to find which option is correct so we have effects is equal to greatest integer function of sin x + cos x = 2 sin x + Cos pi by 4 and this is lies between zero is less than next and 2P is our range given to us the formulas
01:00 - 01:59we have written this as sin a + b is equals to sin a into cos b + Cos A into Sin B so we know that sin and Cos pi by 4 is one so why using this Sin A + B we have written this the values so f of X is equals to we can I type of x is equal to sin lies between -1 to 1 from where we can write - 120 is less than X and here we get into pi by 2 and we get 0 value for pi by 4 x is less than sirf greater than equal to pi by 4 and less than equal to pi by 2 and here we have 10 here we are one
02:00 - 02:59zero and this is pivot to access greater than equal to pi by 2 and X is less than equal to pi Power Rangers two points of how to find find the points in the in this range only so sign 65 access greater than equal to 65 and this is less than or equal to 2 and here we have -1 so where X is equals to to pay Sofia maximum range 0 to 255 we have returned the hair point for this is a fact so we get type of wax points are 12345 so a fax number of points are where this is greatest number of points are five years of 5 is our answer will check which option is correct year song
03:00 - 03:59she is correct there thank you

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