The number of points of discontinuity for f(x) = sgn(sin x), `x in [0,4pi] ` is ___________.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :


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hello when this question is asked that the number of points of discontinuity of function effects which is given by a signal of sin x ok at X belongs to limit is given that 2024 is ok so we have to check whether how many number of points of this disappointed in this function is having ok so I am having signum here ok so before starting this question let me tell you something about signum Function Ok sab signum X ok so it will have three values ok let me tell you what it will be 1 -1 and 0 OK I will be one when this text that is this in a function when this will be greater than zero it will be zero and X is equals to zero and it will be negative access more than zero ok and when I will say that this function signum function is discontinuous when its value will be zero and when its value will become zero when this in middle function this in a function it will be close to zero means whenever this

get function will be equal to zero this signum function will be discontinuous ok so here now come back to the question here I am having effects ok I felt it was given by signal and Bracket I am having sin x so what I said here this function will be discontinuous when its value will be zero and its value is zero at x is equal to zero and what is access the bracket function so kind to this question let me right here effects will be discontinuous when value of this sign exo-k value of this sign X8 will be equal to zero a value in excel with zero then only this signum function will be discontinuous ok ok so we concluded that when the sin x 8 will be zero then this function is continuous and we need to find the points of discontinuity ok and when this information will be zero we know that sin x ok sin x is zero for X ranging from 0 ok signed by is also zero to buy

FIFA 45 and 45 sending limit so we should not go beyond this limit ok so sin x will be zero Sainik value will be zero when X value will be 0525 3.45 ok so what does it mean that at this point this whole function effect will be discontinuous and how many points are they 1 2 3 4 and 5 8 5 points effects will be discontinuous so be right here we should find the number of points of discontinuity so we found that at five points this function is continuous at the given that is 0245 thank you

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