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Linear Symmetry


The number of lines of symmetr...

The number of lines of symmetry of a rectangle is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : c


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question right now number of lines of symmetry of a rectangle is 0124 ok let's come first of all rectangle and help to understand this question is nothing now this is this point it now line of symmetry what is the meaning of we can see that there is nothing totally equal from upper part and lower part after dividing by any line is that

looking like a mirror image then that line can be called and can be called as line of symmetry line of symmetry that is the line which can divide the save as a mirror image ok if we will and would like to see one thing more this is our length of a lens part Maryland College Park and which part we can divide it by that flies also divided from

just wait I can also divided from vertically and also divided vertically this can also create a line of symmetry students can we not just right to divide tablet when to take then then tightu tightu tightu imagine this when we will when we will take a part ABC and 4 will it be able to ATC know it will not over that line of

symmetry to connect if you will just take just take a size of paper ABCD just 1 and paper ok and you have to provide that and when you hold that paper on a site that will overlap if I am telling that this is the point a.m. and this is the point in ok so if you will support that can be talent dental implant in just at point C OK I

will come at a point but if you found this line is ok if you will put if you will reach at point P ok but we will we will which at this point we can say that we have only of line of symmetry in rectangle vertically and S originally I will be to understand what I said ok ok ok thank you what are you can take it practically you can take a paper fold it it urgently

and fly to all that is after divided into one another through cli on where you are going that if you are holding that piece of paper only and that don't want only is not possible for save you will be able to understand