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The number of integers in the range of function `f(x)= [sinx] + [cosx] + [sinx + cosx]` is (where `[.]`= denotes greatest integer function)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello students given the numbers of integers in the range of functions greatest integer function of sin x + 5 if of cosx + of sinus pressure of course this is equals to denote the greatest integer function function f of X is equals to jio side effects jio Ashok place what can I do write 1 divided root 2 and effects + 1 / 22 ok I am from again I can write it

sign of AP plus X Plus 102 Sai no X + 5 by 4 I can use sign of a + b formula how to find out the value of this now we will understand this concert with the help of graphs destination that this is the which will try to distance in graph 1 minut ok now there we will consider To an another graph first of all we will try to solve this thing no I

will wrote try to to draw snow X + 5 by 4 X X equal to zero it will give sign of ex 0.5 by 4 in 1 / again sin pi by 4 if you will find it at sin pi by 4 at x = 20 it is given 1 divided by X equal to pi by 4 it will give you bye bye for class 5 by 4 to 5 by 8 to pi by 4 means by 21 if it here x 2 sin pi by 2 + 5 by 4 354 354

value of sin 3 pi by 4 3 / 2 ok now Arjun ft x = 23 54553 5 by 4 + 5 by 4 will give you want sign out you can see that it will go like this ok I think extend it for them this is X equal to zero OK it is giving fun everyone equal to pi by 4 lesbian 1

is giving 8582 then again it is giving 0 ok I know someone is it is going for ok like this it will again we will try to draught to another graph open now for sinus it will be like this is 80 decision to decision

Dikshit 835225 80 85 by 2 h5 3 pi by 2 it will go again it ok DDR3 Ram first of all we will try to find out from range 0 to pi by 4 for this 02554 it is doing what because this is one divided root 2 This Is Us din so I will give you a 20 you can write here

sign mode of Sin of X + 2 into sign of X + o bye bye 4 first of all we will see is from 0 to pi by 4 this 02554 if you will see it when is given it will become what will become zero ok so this will become zero + 4 cos it is proposed you can say there will be somewhere Bible 24 it is one again you will get what effects if I buy phone it will be like this

it is particularly if you see for ko topic this is what this is one then it is going from 0 to 15 by 4 it will give you open it will be one now if you will see from Pi before to pi by 2 this fibre 425505 advocate this is it is giving 11 Something Something 2010 in C 1580 other

and it is given one it will become what will be come ok now we will go for Lekin 235 235 235 235 4 OK Google Sipahi before to a private 2235 before it is again chasing the new ok when it will become what zero 22352 will be a - 1 point something something so it will give you the -1 ok and it is what

and you can see that over 25 years from fibre 22352 it will become 011 - now you can go for 3 pi by 4 3554 will be somewhere here 425 will be somewhere here this is why you can see what something something it will give me the minus plus minus one Chetak 354 25 it is it will give you the minus one define before I will be somewhere here it is chasing 002 can go for 52

this is fibre it is lying between 2 - open something something so it will give you what -14 something it will be Maut -1 phone something so it will give MI ok and from this 525 power 4 - of one point something for this it is there will be like this

so if you want to see that it is asking about that it is asking for the number in the range of function function will you what will be you can see the results 1 - 1 - 2 - 4

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