Updated on:30/05/2023

The number 4 has 3 factors and number 6 has 4 factors. Can wé say that 4×6=24 has 3×4=12 factors? Multiply êach factor of 4 by each factors of 6 . Why did we get the number of factors, wrong?

लिखित उत्तर

Factors of 4=1,2,4
Factors of 6=1,2,3,6<br>Mtiplyeachfcrof4byeachfacrof6.<br>1xx 1, 1xx 2,1xx 3,1xx 6,2xx 1,2xx 2,2xx 3,2xx 6,4xx 1,4xx 2,4xx 3,4xx 6 =1,2,3,6,2,4,6,12,4,,12,24 Here 2,4,6,12 are repeating. So 24 , has only 124=8 factors. So 4×6=24 has not 3×4=.12 factors.

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