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Application Of Derivatives


The normal to the curve x^2=4y...

The normal to the curve `x^2=4y` passing (1,2) is<br>(A) `x + y = 3`<br> (B) `x y = 3`<br> (C) `x + y = 1`<br> (D) `x y = 1`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Option `A` is the correct answer <br> Given `x^2=4y` <br> Slope of tangent to the curve will be `4 dy/dx=2x` <br> `=>dy/dx=x/2` <br> so, slope of normal will be `-dx/dy=-2/x` <br> Let the point on the curve be `(h,k)` <br> so slope of normal will be `-2/h` <br> Equation of normal is given by `(y-k)=-2/h(x-h)` <br> It is given that the normal passes through `(1,2)` <br> `=>(2-k)=-2/h(1-h)`..........(1) <br> Also, `(h,k)` lies on the curve so `h^2=4k` <br> from `(1)` we have <br> `(h^3)/4=2h+2-2h=2` <br> `=>h^3=8` <br> `=>h=2` <br> `=>k=(h^2)/4=>k=1` <br> so the equation will be <br> `y-1=-2/2(x-2)` <br> `x+y=3`


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