The normal PG to a curve meets the x-axis in G. If the distance of G from the origin is twice the abscissa of P, prove that the curve is a rectangular hyperbola.



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Updated On: 25-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students placed question is the normal PG to Ek of meats x axis in ji if the distance of ji from origin is twice the abscissa of P Prove the curve is a rectangular the equation of the curve is what it means to access the equation will be the normal equation bi bi bi bi bi - Mall Y is equals to minus expired device x minus x as you know the slope of tangent is what DY by DX that is the slope of tangent when the slope of normal will be - DX by device because the product of this is -1 this is a slope of normal that this equation in normal dislocker normal x-axis that is why is zero se can say that it is zero minus y is equals to minus 3 X by the why it is said that it meet x axis in ji I can say that here you have G minor softex because it meets
01:00 - 01:59so minus 5 is equal to minus b i g - X is your now equation number multiplication you have - 5 = 2 - 3 x by device into G plus B minus b + b x b into X Nike and had equation by DY by DX + X is equals to ji common to have this why DY by DX + X is equals to be as given the question that a distance of ji from origin is twice the axis of P to consider a distance of G is what why is of eggs that is ji CD to of x y DY by DX + X - 2 X because it is always positive you can see that DY by DX is equals to 2 X + of X will be what is only
02:00 - 02:59and while this I will be divided by now having same variable the same side you have wider Y is equals to X X 90 grating you have y square is equal to x square y square by square by 2 x square by to to cancel letter B + c as a constant so why square the success can decide - x square is equals to see this equation and this equation the form of rectangular hyperbola bola that is we need to prove this equation of hyperbola proves thank you

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