The minimum value of sqrt((3sin x-4cosx-10)(3sinx+4cosx-10)) is ________



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Updated On: 13-3-2021

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Solution :
`f(x)=(3sinx-4cosx-10)(3sinx+4cosx-10)`<br> `f(x)=[(3sinx-10)-4cosx][(3sinx-10)+4cosx]`<br> `f(x)=(3sinx-10)^2-16cos^2x`<br> `f(x)=9sin^2x+100-60sinx-16(1-sin^2x)`<br> `f(x)=25sin^2x+84-60sinx`<br> `f(x)=(5sinx-6)^2+48`<br> at sinx=1<br> `f(x)=(5-6)^2+48=49`<br> Minimum value of`sqrtf(x)=sqrt49=7`.



00:00 - 00:59in the given key Sundha minimum value of root 3 x minus 4 cos x minus 10 x sin x + cos 4 x minus 3 is we need to find out the value of this oversimplification if we assume that root under root value is now suppose to sin sin x minus cos minus this is a hole in the bucket and another one is 3 sin x + cos x minus 10 sunao what will do if we write down like this 3 sin
01:00 - 01:59- 10 - 46 it will not differentiate anything but why we are writing this you will need to know how to connect it it will be if a minus b square sunao writer Minda 3 sin x minus 10 squared minus of this is a whole square A right now write this is the centre up open this time then what will get signed 8 x + right now news hundred so it is basically as 116 sin x
02:00 - 02:59minus 16 we can write on 1 minus sin square x by doing this you want a single single track now if speak open this will do that 25 Chinese products will have it if you multiply this then you will solve why we are getting this value or how we are getting this value get this now finally we have the value of x is free to some modification and something then we will give 5 sin x minus 6 square the remaining 36 + what the
03:00 - 03:59remaining why we are doing this let be understood ok let we know that no sin x is equals to 1 if you put the maximum value 31 so now the maximum value 1 then if we put here then effects equals to 5 - 6 OLX scooty 83 49 skin from here the minimum video will you a function that function is presupposes effects ok equal to 14
04:00 - 04:59ok 49 these effects is 49 then it will be over minimum value will be 7 let's look at in the US so we suppose here this is a function x effect and we solve it will be understood thank you

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