The medians AD and BE of the triangle ABC with vertices A(0, b), B(0, 0) and C(a, 0) are mutually perpendicular if



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Updated On: 4-5-2021

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(a) `b = a sqrt(2)`(b) `a = b sqrt(2)`(c) `b = - a sqrt(2)`(d) `a = -b sqrt(2)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59questions that the medians a d and B of the triangle ABC is 20000 are mutually perpendicular is optionally be equal to air pollution save option in the question is said that there is a triangle ABC with vertices A B and C and apartments given to us and we are the median of the triangle and to find the condition for the medians to be mutually perpendicular to each other so you will write in triangle abc having given the vertices coordinates will take a Is Zero B will take the stars X1 Y1 and b is 0.0 x 2
01:00 - 01:59then we have see it is 80 explain why is given to us that add a and b e r medians so we know median is a line joining the midpoint of side of a triangle opposite vertex this is the median is joining the midpoint of a side of a triangle to the opposite vertex if we see in the figure ad is the medians
02:00 - 02:59the midpoint of side BC that is D becomes the midpoint to the opposite vertex that is a is opposite to BC so does we can write that from this D is midpoint of BC if the coordinates of the point SX4 used point formula to get this points export Y4 will be equal to so we'll be using the points B and C + D is the midpoint of the line joining busy so this will be equal to X 2 + 3 by to whistle with the coordinates of X by 2 + 3 by 2 substitute the values English so export I will be equal to 2 x 2 + expiry of invites 30 x 30
03:00 - 03:59EPF by 2 by 2 + 30 + 0 that is zero itself and zero by 2030 the coordinates of point similarly Norman see the point is so is midpoint of AC has expired Wi-Fi again using the midpoint formula we can write x 5 easy photo send the significance e is the midpoint of line joining AMC so will use the coordinates of TMC this will be X + 3 by 2 + 3 x 5 by 5 equal to 2 X 1 + 3 is
04:00 - 04:590 + that is ke this will be able to buy oneplus 3 b00bs LVB by sunao we have the points each and now will find the slope of the first will find slope of the line is the median this will be equal to this is the line joining a and the points of natives of points so this will be by 1 minus y 4 by X1 - 64 your will take Slope of a dsm-1 substituting the value for this will be equal to minus b minus 40 by X10 -
05:00 - 05:59exports to be equal to be by -2 which is equal to nothing but -2 by a next will find slope of the median be so slope of we will take the size m to equal to this is the line joining the points B and use be so this will be white minus 5 by X2 - 65 substituting the values will be equal to 0 - 20 - 2020 will be left with equal to be buy a property
06:00 - 06:59latest product of slopes of mutually perpendicular lines is -1 if two lines are perpendicular to each other than the product of this looks is -1 so we need to find the condition for the medians when they are perpendicular to each other so will use this condition so we can write M1 into M2 will be equal to -1 using this property Sonu substituting the values Sofia bot M1 as - 2B by a into a b b a b is equal to -1 -2 b square is equal to -1 the sides - gets cancel to 20 square will be equal to a square and square root on both sides of square root
07:00 - 07:59plus or minus root 2 b is equal to 1 and half the value plus root to be or minus root to be both are so if we see the options to conditions are correct that is option b is equal to be root 2 and equal to a equal to -1 and answers are option B equal to be root to an option d equal to minus b rupee

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