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The logically equivalent propo...

The logically equivalent proposition of `phArrq` is `(p^^q)vv(p^^q)` b. `(p=>q)^^(p=>q)` c. `(p^^q)vv(p=>q)` d. `(p^^q)(pvvq)`


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hello everyone the question is the logical equivalent proposition of Ti bi implies option A is P and Q R P and Q option B is + q and q light light and convert this implies Q definition in two people like you then we know that this is equivalent to P implies q and with this definition then my option B matches to option B will be there if I convert 2nd form of aur and I get navigation P ok you to my recipe by plastic you will be equivalent to navigation P ok you at with navigation kyu or

but this is not given to me in any option only correct option will be option be and this will be our answer