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The locus of z which satisfies...

The locus of z which satisfies the inequality `log _(0.3) abs(z-1) gt log _(0.3) abs(z-i)` is given by :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`x+y lt 0` `x + y gt 0``x - y gt 0 ``x - y lt 0`

Answer :


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I love you to our question is the local subject which satisfy the inequality log of Mod Z - 12 the base is 0.3 greater than log a model that -5 to the base what is 0.3 is given by given four of them and we need to tell me the jobs in it now before 7 days we need to be to the base is greater than a so we can say that be greater than see if a w n 1 and 20 watt LED and see if he got less than one if we apply this year so you get the best of this blog is not less than one that much time will change letter Z - 18 - instant awesome that x is equal to

Z X + y by x minus 1 Y less than 5 Y - 1 can we find it but this will be a root of x minus 1 by x minus 1 is square district wise list and this is not modulus and square root of a square little cricket square Y - 1 square now what you do just a square both side so you get what is a square minus 2 definitely this one was a

square Y minus 2 Y - 2 Y and you can see that this except this is why should check out this one will be also consider ok so that means what actually this is less than 28 - Dubai ok auction the correct of x minus 5 is option 3 is correct ok thank you

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