Updated on:30/05/2023

The list price of a frock is Rs 220. A discount of 20% is announced on sales. What is the amount of discount on it and its sale price.


Text Solution

Discount of 20%=220×20100=Rs.44
Selling Price=22044=Rs. 176


ok Hamare Kuchh Main Der Karta Hai list price of a frocks to 20 discount of 20% Thomas compound nikaalne discount ka uska sale price theek hai so Mushkil is price they refer to 20 discount percentage kitna hai 20 tumhare pass discount a Gaya 2102 220 which is equals to 44 rupees ticket so hamare pass first part ka answer to a Gaya ki what is the amount of discount on it up sale price Kya Hoga cost price minus discount which is equals to 220 - 44 so this is equals to rupees 176 selling price Aage 176 for discount Aage rupees 44


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