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The lines of symmetry are give...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the lines of symmetry are given in the following pontifical find the other ports of four electric this represents which begin to understand the concept of symmetry is also there that we are able to make this with giving their behalf this whole given according to the corner and the point is like we have to draw the whole which is exactly do the opposite end of this fall with given this two points which we need to

captain mine the distance between this line of symmetry between from both the people that means this time talking about S changes this line Fitbit perpendicular to the line of symmetry at 90 degree and that is why the mirror image online like party is the mirror image of party between A and B can see there is a rectangle and that need to draw rectangle that for example

present a rectangle like this as we can see there is given in the question and we have to make and then we are able to get this line of symmetry after it is given again to the distance of this line is the other one should be there in the distance to the main thing is perpendicular to this line of symmetry line symmetry ok now most WhatsApp part a triangle triangle there is a Linux

there are also you should be like this after we have to represent this whole so that we can make another Hole Hole that we can see in the question the distance between other whole 90 degree to condition and we can easily draw this Into The Last Supper which is a circle is we can see for example if you are going to take any of the figure and in which line of symmetry is given in 1 whole is given

draw the South African do this is to be like this which is the time M according to the selfie going to take the slot which is given in the collection and diameter meetings between given here according to the other Nanda point is exactly saying the distance between both of them should be equal to that is the main point what we need to keep in mind and second point is at 90° line of symmetry at the perpendicular to each other

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