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Class 12






Application Of Derivatives


The line y=mx+1 is a tangen...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Option `A` is the correct answer <br> Lets put `y=mx+1` in `y^2=4x` we get <br< `(mx+1)^2=4x` <br> `=>m^2x^2+1+2mx-4x=0` <br> Tangent touches a curve at one point so descriminant of the equation should be zero <br> `=>(2m-4)^2-4xx1xxm^2=0` <br> `=>4m^2+16-16m-4m^2=0` <br> `=>m=1`

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the question is the line X + 1 to the curve y square is equal to so we have to find ok and the value of y x y y y is equal to X + Y square is equal to

no such is the value of this lets put the value of Y is equal to him by putting in place of Y and n ho to ab ok this 2m and then 4 and X will be here and + 1 equal to zero

vision there there will be ok but ok this shouldn't so disc into this show is quality value of root x square - Who is

quadratic equation is squire plus 20 so Subah d2m - 4 - 2y in 14 mm square then quality then -2

-4 in square = 0 sorry water and it is going to be equal to the value of one ok going to be call for this question is one therefore the correct option is going to be ok thank you

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