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Class 12






Application Of Derivatives


The line y=mx+1 is a tangen...

The line y=mx+1 is a tangent to the curve `y^2=4x` if the value of m is(A) 1 (B) 2(C) 3(D) 1/2.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Option `A` is the correct answer <br> Lets put `y=mx+1` in `y^2=4x` we get <br< `(mx+1)^2=4x` <br> `=>m^2x^2+1+2mx-4x=0` <br> Tangent touches a curve at one point so descriminant of the equation should be zero <br> `=>(2m-4)^2-4xx1xxm^2=0` <br> `=>4m^2+16-16m-4m^2=0` <br> `=>m=1`


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727 it is given that the line Y is equal to X + 1 is a tangent to curve y square is equal to 4 X Pro 21 question 6 going to solve y square is equal to 4 x and line of tangent Y is equal to M X + 1 if this line is tangent to discover then it's satisfy the end we can write M X + 1 whole square is equal to 4 x square x square + 2 X + 1 is equal to 4

general Kishan ji ke bhajan square - 4 x + 1 is equal to zero to Agar bhi question Hogi se touch Karegi to kam se kam iska 1 solution to Ho Gai Hoga aur sirf ek hi solution Hoga tangent at a point Karti Hai iske liye kya aayega aqwal 20 Jagah discriminant discriminant kya iska to M - 4 ka whole square minus b square is equal to zero so it for a square + 16 - 16 - 4 x square is equal to zero and ki very Milegi isko Milegi equal to 1 slope hoga

equal to one is correct answer Nov 22nd question in 20 second question where to find the normal 8.121 coronavirus curve to direct a slope of normal nikalne slow performance - of DX by which is function Ko Agar Hamen we can expect me different gana brother To Hamara function k y to Y + x square is equal to 3 by respective different Kare to kya aayega let se yah Hamara kam hai to Sidha Sidha Jayega Siddheshwar equal to 2 + 2 x dx by divine is equal to zero has a d s Vadivelu ka Jayegi date my device is equal to

minus one upon x minus one upon X 2.1 per to DY by DX key value at X equal to 17 xy device is equal to -1 ab kya hoga Hamare Jo equation Hogi normal Kyon Kya Hogi Y minus one upon x minus 1 is equal to minus minus 11 so why minus 1 is equal to x minus 1 so it is equal to Y is equal to X this is the equation of normal x minus Y is equal to zero inscription option be an option d both are same but only one that either be your ID

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