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Class 12






Application Of Derivatives


The line y = m x + 1is a tange...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `y^2=4x` <br> Diff w.r.t `x` <br> `2yfrac{dy}{dx} = 4` <br> `therefore frac{dy}{dx} = 2/y` `therefore` slope `m=2/y` <br> `implies y=2/m` <br> `x=y^2/4 = 1/m^2` and `y=2/m` <br> Now, `y=mx + 1` `therefore 2/m = m(1/m^2) +1` <br> `therefore 1/m = 1 implies m = 1`

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hello friends the question is the line y = MX + 1 is a tangent to the curve y square equals to 4 then your to find the value of m in the options are given if this is tangent to the curve that satisfy wife questions for this so we can write M X + 1 whole square is equals to 4 x or we can write a square x square + 1 + 2 x of m x minus 4 x = 20 or we can write MS square + x square + 2 m - 4 Into X + 1 = 20 this is tangent then discriminant is equals to zero what is this this is B square minus 4 ec2m - 4 whole square minus 4 into MS square into 1 = 20 for which is what we can write the said this is for MS square

plus 16 minus 2 into 2 a.m. in 24 which is foreign 22 is 88 into Tu 1616 M - 4 m square = 20 December Scott cancel out we can write this has 16 m is equal to 16 What is the value of m from here the value of M is one which option is correct option number is correct ok thank you

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