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Class 12






Three Dimensional Geometry


The line vecr= veca + lambda v...

The line `vecr= veca + lambda vecb` will not meet the plane <br> `vecr cdot n =q,` if

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`vecb cdot vecn = 0 , veca cdot vecn = q``vecb cdot vecn ne 0 , veca cdot vecn ne q``vecb cdot vecn = 0 , veca cdot vecn ne q``vecb cdot vecn = 0 , veca cdot vecn = q`

Answer : C


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hello friends on next question is on 3D and the questions there's a line R vector is equal to a vector + Lambda times of the vector will not meet the plane are vector.and firstly what to know that condition 4 LINE which will not meet the train superfast condition is line is parallel to the plane and second situation ears any point online does

not live on the Play Perfect Two condition which were required when the line and the plane does not meet now dear vector a life on the line inductor bi equal to direction vector of line and n is equal to normal normal of the plane show when the line parallel to the plane than normal of the plane

and direction vector of the line is perpendicular to each other song sentence be non taught vector and is equal to zero because they both are perpendicular to each other now our second equation is any point of the light does not lie on the Play prvc that a lies on the plane near me a given that s situation any point of line does not lie on the plane but here we say that a lies on the line from here we will said that a vector dot and vector not equal to send this most situations are when this both conditions are followed then we will say that the line will not meet to the plane

so here we can see that options 30 correct because trb.nic equal to b vector is equal to zero and a vector and b vector is not equal to you thank you friend hope you like the video


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