The length of a rectangular room is twice its breadth. If the perimeter of the room is 180cm, find the sides of the room.



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Updated On: 28-4-2021

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Answer :
30m , 60m



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone to this question is the length of the rectangular room is twice its breadth and if the perimeter of the room is 180 cm then we need to find the sides of two now from the given person let us assume that the length of B and the breadth of room BP sunao from the given question the conditions is that length is why is it that four equal to be our first equation and now we have been provided with and information that the perimeter of what is 180 cm and
01:00 - 01:59as we know that perimeter equal to 2 into length + from acquiring the conditions a + b equal to 180 and substituting the value is equal to DB from equation 1 we get you into two b + b equal to 180 2223 be equal to 180 that is 6 b equal to 180 therefore be equal to 180 by 6 equal to 30 cm now we can calculate the length of the road from equation one that is equal to 2 and to be equal to 2013 that its length is 60 CM now
02:00 - 02:59from the about it we have find the length and breadth 16:30 respectively to our final answer says that the length of the room is 60 cm and breadth 30 send

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