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Class 12






Definite Integrals


The integral int_(0)^(pi) x f(...

The integral `int_(0)^(pi) x f(sinx )dx` is equal to

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(pi)/(2)underset(0)overset(pi)intf(sin x)dx``(pi)/(4)underset(0)overset(pi)int(sin x)dx``(pi)/(2)underset(0)overset(pi//2)int (sin x)dx``(pi)/(2)underset(0)overset(pi//2)intf(cos x)dx`

Answer : A
Solution : Let `I=underset(0)overset(pi)int x f(sin x)dx " "`…(i) <br> Then, <br> `I=underset(0)overset(pi)int (pi-x)f(sin(pi-x))dx" "`[Using Prop. IV] <br> `rArr I=underset(0)overset(pi)int (pi-x)f(sin x)dx " "`...(ii) <br> Adding (i) and (ii),we get <br> `2I=pi underset(0)overset(pi)int f(sin x)dx rArr I=(pi)/(2)underset(0)overset(pi)int f(sin x)dx`


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hi everyone to this question is the integral 025 excess of sin x dx is equal to and you are having this option so we have to find the sensible so let's start with the solution so I will take the given integral equal to I 2025 x sin x is equal to I know we know property of integral in which which says that we know the property which says that integral of 0 to a f of x dx is equal to integral of 02844 a minus x dx is equal to 5 If I compare from this to be killed bryce this as a sequel to integral 0 to pi any area of

hexagon have a four-year signed again Pi minus x right 02556 and have if Sin A minus Expendables find its only second quadrant and sinus positive there also this will give sin x dx by you multiply one by one with this and with this so here we will get integral 0 to pi Spice constant in heavy head having a 4 sin x then the X10 - near integral 025 x Oppo Sahi next day it's ok

if you look at this part carefully so we will understand this that we took this part equal to I in the beginning of this question write so here's why and we were having in continuously have you having this is -5 in this Palko this site it will become + ISO it will become too I am coming Pi 10025 A4 sin x dx or we can see that the value for eye is coming equal to pi by 2 integral 02446 DX this is the required answer take your options Sukhi only option more Bansi cartoon so thank you


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