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Class 11






Straight Lines


The image of P(a ,b) on the ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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alternate email for point that is having a coma beyond the line Y is equal to minus q and q on the line y = 2 X is R then made for topiaries ba4bie have to find out how the correct of a solid start first of all we can see the considered p and q a point that is so now we can write that the line the perpendicular which is perpendicular to buy equals to minus so and that in passing that passes throw a coma will be will be so we can say that will be close to my minus b that will be divided by x minus 8 from because 21 sunao

installing the value of I will be equal to x minus x minus a minus b so now we can right now point where it in the point it will understand that is why is equal to minus where the point that is pointed out that is why we can write - = 2y will be intercepted minus a minus b and the value of x from here we have a minus b weighted by and has weak Android our value of Y is equals to B minus C will be the we can write this

will be midpoint of midpoint of PQ who is the image of the female of point of point P on Jila in therefore we have to find out that used to minus b equal to minus minus and we can write the midpoint the midpoint of we have will be zero

this will be our final answer option then we can say thank you

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