The height of sand in a cylinder-shaped can drops 3 inches foot of sand is poured out. What is the diameter, in inches of the cylinder?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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this question to set the height of sand in a cylinder se cylindrical shape can drop 3 inches in 1 foot cube of sand is poured out that means that whatever the height has dropped for the can that is that volume is equal to the volume of sand that has been poured out what is a diameter of the cylinder no you see here we will consider only the part of the cylinder that has been empty was considered before we start 1 inch = 2 0.0833 33 feet 3 inches will be equal to 0.25 feet or right and one feet is equal to 12 inches this these are the three conversion units you must know before we start now you see just like I said by into square because the diameter of the cylinder will not changed no matter what

into eight history into that is the part that has that has been empty 3 inches 0.25 ft 0.25 equals to 1 ft ft cube ok so that is the volume of the scent that has empty that so Pi R Square will be worn by 0.25 that is 400 square = 24 bi Pi or are equal to 2 by root 5 now this answer is it feat alright 16 12 inches to want to convert this into inches you just multiply 12 with this so that gives us an answer of 24 feet by root 5 inches now this is a radius to diameter will be 24 route by input to that is 48 by root by seat write sorry not feet 10 inches the latest

converted into inch so just answer is 48 by root by

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