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The graph of f:R rarr R define...

The graph of f:R rarr R defined by y=f(x) is symmetric with respect to x=a and x=b. Which of the following is true ?



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Updated On: 18-5-2021

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f(2a-x)=f(x)f(2a+x)=f(-x)f(2b+x)=f(-x)f is periodic

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello photo question is the graph of Apple that I belong to a is Defined by Y is equal to effect is symmetric with respect to X equals to a and request to be which of the following is too weak to check which of the option is first of all it was perfect and symmetric with access to a and access to be ok if you know that if any curve effect symmetric with respect to y axis y axis at x is equal to zero we know that if it is cemetery with y axis week and it is X which is equal to airport - effects and what is y axis exit polls 2020 we can also write this as a place of X ok which is equal to a 40 - of writing because this is equals to this now it has been said that it is symmetric with respect to
01:00 - 01:59equal to and access to be exposed to a week and it turns out for a plus of Ek ok which is equals to A4 - now for a week and it it is a 4 B minus b + effects which is equals to ever be mine now all video song simplification that will put x as e - of X in equation 1 of this is equation is equation in equation it becomes a Pop A plus or minus which is equals to a minus b minus x become a + 1 as it is it is minus I saw this and get cancel out this weekend map of price of a - effect which is equals to f
02:00 - 02:59so effects of to a minus x we can see that this option is correct ok now again what we are going to do we will put OK Google put x is equals to X equals to b + X inpatient to visit from here f b + b + of X which is equals to F B minus b minus of this and get cancel outside become a 4 - access to be plus of exo-k similarly if we put x is equals to eat less of an equation 18 become a fan of minus access to a place of exo-k and we know that if x is equals to F3 plus of X ok any
03:00 - 03:59then it is periodic ok so from here we can see that this Allah connect

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