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Class 10






Chapterwise Revision Exercise


The given figure shows a trape...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `49:16`

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hit the given question is the given figure shows a Trapezium in which ab is parallel to CD and diagonal a b and AC and BD intersect at point O and if so is too old is given as 47 then find the that is Delta is to Delta a bi vi Delta represent the area so let's do this here it is given that is to OD is equal to 4 is 27 and now he lets see in triangle in triangle abc and triangle so so interesting as we can see that angle A is equal to angle so because these are vertically opposite angle vertically opposite angles are equal Binu vertically opposite angle show and also we can see that the angle angle A

is equal to angle or DC because these are alternate angles in alternate angle so we can say that the triangle here we can see that the triangle ABC is similar to triangle COD buy a similarity right now for the find the ratio of the area let's use area theorem so what is area theorem area theorem says that the ratio of the necessary for up to 28 area theorem states that the ratio of the two similar triangles is basically equal to the square of the corresponding sides Sohail the corresponding sides are for the seaside corresponding status Audi and Ford

triangle cube is equal sides so we can write Audi / o b whole square this is the area theorem that the ratio of the two similar triangle is equal to square of the ratio of the corresponding sides now it is given that it is given that be divided by 3 is equal to 4 by 7 from this we can see that order / is equal to 7 is 24 right so put the value here are ordered to ob is given as 7 / 4 it will give you 4916 so we can say that the Delta is to Delta abe is equal to 49 is 216 so this is our answer

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