Updated on:26/04/2023

The general solution of the equation sinx3sin2x+sin3x=cosx3cos2x+cos3x is (nZ) nπ+π8 (b) nπ2+π8 (1)nnπ2+π8 (d) 2nπ+cos123



the general solution of the equation x minus 3 sin 2x + sin x = 2 x minus 3 X + cos x is belongs to Z set is integer or not in option B to the power 2 + 8 so these two thousand different this is Beautiful video sin x into
cos x minus 3 cos 2x + cos 3x ok if formula sin x aur cos x minus 2 Sin 2x = 22 cost cos x minus 3 cos 2x Komal
from here to come to cos minus 3 equal to cos 2x common then it will become cos x minus 3 will be eliminated so now what we will happen if we transfer cost to fix this chhotan school 21 it is possible on food into X equal to show the possible value for CDS 2 x
2 MP4 in at work 10 values were so aur then X will be and what will this is over now if we look at the option then which option is correct so option this option is correct and distribute thank you


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