The general solution of the differential equation (y dx-x dy)/y=0 is (A) x y" "=" "C (B) x=C y^2 (C) y" "=" "C x (D) y=C x^2



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Updated On: 31-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59calculate the question is a general solution of a differential equation y d x minus x DY upon Y cos 20 ok we have to find out the general solution and options are given OK what is the question this is why did x minus x square upon Y = 20 ok or we can write this as this is why it X - 2y = 20 X this comes as 0 ok or we can write this as this is why it x = 2 X Deewar aur we can write this is d x by X equals to DY ok now integrating both side integrating integrating both side integrating both sides what we get this isn't it
01:00 - 01:59z x y x equals to integral why ok we can write this as this is what is the integration of this this is LN X is equals to this is Allen + something constant supposes alarm ke every Thompson LN so we can take constant unke this is also a constant we can write the saddest LN x = 2 Alan of Kintu why because this is property Allah ne president beacause 211 of Ab ok now what is if this is Alex and this is nmk so X is equals to X is equals to give all we can I discharge Y is equals to 1 upon ke Into X + 1 upon case 11 case constant one upon care is constant so we can replace this by c x ok so one bike is replaced by another constant
02:00 - 02:59so what is the solution of this equation Y is equals to see X this is a solution of this differential equation which option is why goes to CX this option number C ok thank you

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