The general solution of the differential equation `e^x dy + (y e^x + 2x) dx = 0`is(A) `xe^y+x^2=C` (B) `xe^y+y^2=C` (C) `ye^x+x^2=C` (D) `ye^y+x^2=C`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Given, differential equation is <br> `=>e^xdy+(ye^x+2x)dx=0`<br> `=>(e^xdy)/(dx)+ye^x+2x=0`<br> `⇒(dy)/(dx)+y=−2xe^(−x)`<br> So, is a linear differential equation of the form `(dy)/(dx)+Py=Q`<br> On comparing, `P=1` and `Q=−2xe^(−x)`<br> So,`IF=e^(∫1dx)=e^x`<br> So,the general solution is given by<br> `=>y.IF=∫(−2xe^(−x)×e^x)dx+C`<br> `⇒ye^x=−∫2xdx+C`<br> `⇒ye^x=−x^2+C`<br> `⇒ye^x+x^2+C `<br> So ,correct option is (c)<br>


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today we are required to solve this differential equation it is to the power x + Y into 10 to the power x + 2 X into DX is equal to zero at so what we do if we first make it simple that it can be done in the form of e raise to the power x DY by DX is equal to minus of why he received by X + 2 X what did it have to be storm on the inside and simply / it will get the spot on for the simplified we get + Y is equal to minus 2 x 2 X Adidas Haider Haider why did the inside buy used to correct then took this on to the left side

of this is standard linear differential equation in this type of differential equation 2018 factor can be calculated by the path function wishes with wife of the former wishes one in this case and this week I'm serious accident this is our integrating factor now the dependent variable in this case which is why into integrating factor which is nearest to power x is equals to integration of minus 2 x divided by 2 into 10 to the power x dx + constant of integration x x cancels out is simply get why arrested by X is equals to minus of to outside because it is a constant now x dx and becomes - of x square by 2 into 2 outside

becomes minus x square + c and A final expression is why he raised to the power x + x square is equals to see this is all right now you can find out which option has this particular solution or write this one is correct thank you for watching the video

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