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The f(x)=|cosx| (a)Then, f ( ...

The `f(x)=|cosx|` (a)Then, f ( x ) is everywhere differentiable at `x=(2n+1)\ pi//2,\ \ n in Z` (b) continuous but not differentiable at `x=(2n+1)\ pi//2,\ n in Z` (c) neither differentiable nor continuous at `x=npi,\ \ n in Z` (d) none of these


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hello everyone the question said that let f x is equal to MOD of Kaushik then effect everybody differentiable options that we often takes several continuous but not a principal at X equal to A B and C the Kinetic Theory by continuous but not your principal at X equal to 2 and + 1 by 2 and losses that and there is none of this so for this type of question we need to first for draw the graph of cos x and then we can tell that the container is not differentiable or not so let's draw the graph of this is the graph of cos x but our question was f x is equal to MOD of cosx this is the graph of cos x and we want the mode that means always it is going to give the positive values that means the graph of the

down but it's not going to come to which is going to come is this one this graph of downward is going to be upward only to this is going to be up the values are going to be because Mod will always give the positive value this all happened positive values will come so we can see clearly that it is actually going to be continuous now if you see this points where it is going to be touched the tortoise the x-axis this point circle touching the x-axis so we can clearly see that it is actually not differentiable continuous but not differentiable because it is not differentiable at pi by 2 then 3 pi by 2 then pi by 2 like this so we can if you brother I want to write the formula for this it is X is equal to 2 and + 1 by 2

so at this point that is not differentiable but it is going to be continuous everywhere so therefore not differentiable at X equal to 2 and + 1 into pi by 2 but everywhere so if you want to see

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