The function f(x)=x1+|x| is (a) strictly increasing (b) strictly decreasing (c) neither increasing nor decreasing (d) none of these


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hello student question is the function f x is equals to X upon 1 + mod is strictly increasing nor a strictly decreasing and increasing not decreasing none of these let's solve this problem will have to remove this module is time from this effect and which will be removed using the ke one is when X is greater than zero then X is greater than zero this mode sign will be removed with positive will get removed at it is this will become X upon 1 + x now I am going to differentiate this function will be differentiation of you differentiation of x which is born into and considering this as you upon the
differentiation of up on the is uterus B minor Vedas you upon the earthquake differentiation of you is one into the which is 1 + X - differentiation of b and b is oneplus 1 differentiation of 1 + x 60 + 10 + 1 will give 1 into X upon 1 + egg to the whole square and had XNX will get cancer what will get 1 upon 1 + egg to the square and there you can speak this term is perfect square and numerator is positive then perfect square is always positive atmosphere is
1006 greater than zero then X is greater than zero it means that the function for greater than zero it is increasing in case one option is correct now for the case to ok and kiss to is when X is less than 0 in denominator model will open with negative sign to hear effect will be equals to X upon 1 minus x and now I am going to differentiate this function f x is equal to is egg and which is one my differentiation of x is one into which is one minus x minus beta differentiation of Vedas the study differentiation of
is needed and differentiation of 1 - 60 - 10 - 1 is minus 1 into you which is egg upon 1 minus x to the whole square from here you can see this minus into minus will be completed and this will you come + 1 and there is -1 to this boat accident cancel out and what will be left with 1 upon 1 minus x to the whole square now you can see in numerator there is positive number and there is positive number ok Kaun positive positive effect is positive and when X is positive it means that function is strictly increasing strictly increasing do in case one also
strictly increasing in case 2 also the function is increasing it means that the whole function is strictly increasing to our correct option is a ok thank you student

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