The function `f(x)=sum_(k=1)^5 (x-K)^2` assumes then minimum value of `x` given by (a) `5` (b) `5/2` (c) `3` (d) `2`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the function f x is equal to summation take goes to 125 tight and their bracket x minus C whole square exume than the minimum value of x is given by any five of Sin B 52 efficiency 3 of Sindhi to have a function which is f x is equal to 782125 of x minus b whole square and will find the minimum value at which value of x at which value of x the function gives the minimum Android so basically this can also write as by opening the summation we will get in place of X report one night in place of ke Book mein 481

big become x minus 1 whole square + X - 2 whole square right + X - 3 whole square + x square + X - 52 of case goes to 125 night as we know that if we will find the minimum or maximum value of any function the first of all we will 2 find the value of x second step is equal to zero and will find the value of x in trouble of X in Thursday we will check if table does X is positive it means it means which value will find the after a equal to

add those values is the minimum and it is negative it implies which value will get from the fine Ling Bada Kaise call 208 this X give the maximum of this function that it gives minimum value of the function whenever available is negative meaning will calculate the value of x is equal to 2 x x minus one because being and differentiation of x raise to power it comes out and into 10 to power n -1 that's basically the value of n is to 2 into 10 to power to -1 which is one plus

if you differentiate this function then you will get the year 2 into x minus 23 defence address with respect to X then you will get into x minus 3 if a different side dish with respect to that will get your 2 into x minus 4 + 2 into x minus 5 next to find value of f test in statistics report is equal to zero and find the value of x rays o b f x is equal to which is easy solve these and get year 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 X which is tender site because Action 500 - 2 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 12 - 12 - 8 - 20

plenty and here minus 10 squared theta minus 1337c disease is equal to take into common animal lapcare 5x - 50 ft equal to zero then find the value of x is equal to 15 can see here value of excess 3 right now we will check the value of a positive is positive or negative at so ab is equal to differentiate of this function will get here differentiation of this month 10 into DY DX of x minus kx 838 as the differentiation of x is with respect to X it comes out

differentiation of any constant term is concerned you at Sohail 3802 finally you will get access token value of x is positive at x is equal to 3 get the by using app dash is equal to zero at x is equal to 3 this function gives minimum value because activate Axis forsterite so gives minimum band the final answer this question option we will be correct rights because x x x at is equal to 3 is the minimum and that their final answer this question option secret thank you

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