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Class 12






Real Functions


The function f(x)=sin""(pix)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello friends welcome to doubtnut question is the function f of x is equal to sin pi by 2 X + 2 time of Cos pi by 3 x minus 10 time of Pi by 4 is periodic with the period option A 6 PS3 PS4 and these twelve not that our function f of X is the addition and subtraction of three periodic function to function h to periodic function are added and the third is subtracted then we get our function f of X so what is the period of this function as we can see our function f of X is the sinusoidal sum of sin and Cos minus order subtract with tangent function ok understand what is the definition of periodic function so our function f of X is said to be period if

it repeat itself over and over again at a regular and irregular interval is called the period of function that is our function is periodic then I write X + function f of X + 30 is equal to f of X where t is the period of function f of x ok so I'm a function f of X is sin pi by 2 X I also write the standard form of sinusoidal function for sin is written as Sin Omega X and causes written discourse Omega x for both the cases on Mega is nothing but to buy it because Omega is the angular frequency whose value is 2.3 and our tangent function is written as 10 Omega X in that case Omega is to become up I buy it because the time period of sinusoidal function is

25 and the time period of tangent function is ok and T is called as the time period of our sin and Cos function and in that case our tangent function ok so I compare both the function with the standard form so what I get I get omega-1 for this sinusoidal value which is equal to pi by 2 Omega 24 Kosi total which is equal to pi by 3 and Omega 3 for this tangent function which is equal to pi by 4 not that Omega 1 is nothing but to pi by 31 which is equal to pi by 2 Omega to is 2.2 which is equal to pi by 3 and Omega 3 is bye-bye 33 which is equal to pi by 4 now find cancer we get T1 is equal to 4.5 cancel we get t2g kal 26 and Paya Paya cancel we get T3 is equal to four has

the time period of sin pi by 2 X 64 time period of Cos pi by 3 X is 6 and time period of ten is time period of tan pi by 4 x 4 so what is our final time played for time period of function f of its not that we will determine the time period of individual function so our final time period is the LCM of both the cases ok that is the period of period of f of x is equal to LCM of T1 and t2 ok so LCM of 4 64 is what is CM of 464 1212 our LCM is our final time ok this

question thank you for signing doubtnut

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