The function f(x)=|cosx| is (a) everywhere continuous and differentiable (b) everywhere continuous but not differentiable at (2n+1)π/2 , nZ (c) neither continuous nor differentiable at (2n+1)π/2 , nZ (d) none of these


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in this question we are given that the function f x is equal to MOD process is everywhere continuous and differential available continuous but not differentiable at 10 + 152 N block to z3 natak continuous not differentiable at to N + 1 by 2 and none of these are using the graph now of Y is equal to cos x this will be equally to this is the graph of Mod cosx
from here we can say that this is 5A to this is 35 a to this is 5.2 this is 7582 so this is the same page this is the surface this function is continuous at each point because there is no break on this graph to 3525 5275 295/2 function is a Saket from here we can say that Y is equal to mode for steps everywhere and everywhere but not differentiable
differentiable at 12 plus 12 and thank you

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