Updated on:30/05/2023

The function f(x)=(4sin2x1)n(x2x+1),nN, has a local minimum at x=π6 . Then (a) n is any even number (b) n is an odd number (c) n is odd prime number (d) n is any natural number



the function f of X which is equal to 4 sin square x this and where and belongs to this as a local minima method execution in which one is correct option will start f = 20 need to do it but will have one more thing is f of X is equals to 4 sin square x minus 1 into x square minus minus theta minus x minus 14 square 420 of the services and this ok let's start to solve this question we have given x minus 3 by 4
greater than zero all experience to now if you'll to for the positive 5-6 limit from here will be 4 sin square x - 1 and X square - 6 plus 2015 have given is there a limit X tends to pi by 6 we are doing for positive for it will be limit expense report 564 sin square x minus 1 + 1 it can be written as limit X tends to fix positive and effective now Bihar 0:02 housewife
FIR negative integer limit X 10.6 negative 4 sin square x square x minus 1 into x square minus this is what we have given equation not for the negative it will be limit X tends to 5 by 6 - 4 sin square x is equal to one negative right between limit X tends to negative will be perfect is equal to zero negative correct it was a perfect 10-0 to that means we can say
Neha given was the minimum negative Aspire greater than zero this can also only happen for an equal to which is it was what which is it possible to ke write request 256 is a minimum it means to be greater than this call only happen with any request to k&n can be any given number is even number is correct hotel near is we have seen that is an even number
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