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The function f(x)=1+|cosx| is ...

The function `f(x)=1+|cosx|` is (a) continuous no where (b) continuous everywhere (c) not differentiable at `x=0` (d) not differentiable at `x=npi,\ \ n in Z`


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today's the question is the function f of x is equal to 1 + Mod of cos x is and we are having these four options we need to see that which of the following is correct I am going to draw the current war mode of cosx so how the curve is Seen here we are having Mod rights we will only take the positive part rights we will make it like this this will be the car for Mod of ok sunao see this will be bye-bye to this will be minus 5 by 2 this will be 3 pi by 2 and it will continue in this direction and similarly to here also this is minus 5 by 2 and this will be - 3 pi by 2 and so this was the curve for Mod of cores expert in the question we are having that f of X is given as one plus Mod of cores xprite this much we have to know we need to add one in this cover so after adding one in this

this value will the maximum value if it is still one adding one it will go to to write like this ok so this will be the new call for 1 plus Mod of cores Exide something like it will rise like this so saying this we can say that this is considering that means it its content was everywhere it says that it is continuous know where is wrong first option is wrong but the second option continuous everywhere this option is correct now not differentiable at x is equal to Z letters take this x is equal to zero will I hear this is equal to zero but at this point it is not having any corner write it is what it is and corners here and here so at this point which is X is equal to zero it is differentiable at corner at x is equal to zero and

option Embassy is not differentiable at x is equal to zero is also wrong no the third fourth option is not differentiable at x is equal to N pilot state this also I have seen it is not differentiable at the corners and basically what are the corners share the corner of this form to win + 1 into bye-bye to wear and belongs to the sled because the corners are it bye bye 235/2 so its standard form we can write like this ok so we can say that at into 1 + 1 and 2 pi by 2 we can say that f of X is not differentiable is not differentiable that means the option which is not differentiable at x is equal to a strong that means the option number be continuous everywhere is only correct answer thank you