The false statement in the following is



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Updated On: 31-5-2021

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` p ^^ ( ~ p)` is a contradiction ` ( p to q) harr ( ~ q to ~ p)` is a contradiction ` ~ ( ~ p) harr` is a tautology ` P vv (~ p)` is a tautology

Answer :
Solution :
The last column in the turth table of ` P ^^ ( ~ p) ` consists of F only , So, ` p ^^ ~ p` is a contradition and hence it is not a false statement. <br> We observe that the last column in the truth table of ` ( p to q) harr ( ~ q to ~ p)` constains T only. So, it is a tautology not a contradiction. <br> clearly,` ~ ( ~ p) cong p . " So " , ~ ( ~ p ) harr p `is a tautology. <br> the last column in the truth table for ` p vv (~ p)` contains T only , So, it is a tautology.



00:00 - 00:59the question is whether the false statement of the following here here we can see that p and NP the contradiction here ok suppose take Pisa question ok year list check it true and Mission of whether this was true and false the degree that Falls was nothing but contradiction is there a statement yeah ok here you can see that the second option speed test Hans to navigation of Newton's to negation of Pisa nice NOC up10th not utilised to negation of be the final result ok you can see that next year but
01:00 - 01:59is there true true true false false true false false ok repeat that is equal to false engagement already cost first Nation offers the requested to enforce it is true or false allegation of to the request to false false he regarded to here here Pete and stick to that is equals to how far away that too faster the rectory are proof that is equal to false true true true near east of tutors to negation of period was false true true false false false 22 here here we can see that truth
02:00 - 02:59and the final result can see that true true true false false false true true true true the real to hear it is a contradiction but forget that is not a contradiction where can see that option to is a wrong option so you can see that option to the deserving of jamsola check the option 3 options that is equals to MP the real Gadar post requests to Dr navigation of false positive what is Tautology is correct Har PR navigation is equal to or negation of to the
03:00 - 03:59true or false sharirik added to this is also the option we can see that option to visiting option that she thank you here

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