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Three Dimensional Coordinate System


The equation of the plane thr...

The equation of the plane through the intersection of the planes `x+y+z=1` and `2x+3y-z+4 = 0` and parallel to x-axis is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : (a)


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hello guys this Saturday's question we have to find equation of plane passing through the intersection of these two planes and parallel to x-axis at get into the solution ok the intersection line of two planes is given by plane oneplus Ramdev plan 2 is equals to zero by using this we get up like this for these two planes wicket oneplus to Lambda Into X place oneplus 3 Lambda into Y + 1 - Lambda into Z - 1 + 400 = 20 ok and we're given that the resultant plane is parallel to parallel to x axis

ok for any line to be parallel to x axis IT form should we ke ICAP ok so the dot product of this equation and its equation should be is equals to zero ok since there is no JNK components we get a dot product has oneplus 2 Ahmedabad to K is equals to zero ok but here ke should not be = 20 ok then the value of oneplus to Lambda is equals to zero then unlimited becomes minus 1 by 2 ok substitute the value of Lambda in this equation we get

1 + 2 into minus 1 by 2 ok with gets this this component has zero Plus 1 - 3 by 2 which is equals to minus 1 by 2 into Y ok year 1 + 1 by 2 is equals to 3 by 2 Z -1 ok -2 minus 3 is equals to zero OK so the plane becomes minus y plus 3 Z is equals to 6


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