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Class 12






Tangents And Normals


The equation of the normal t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends the question is the equation of normal to the curve y = 2 X into 2 - x at the point 20 and given OK what is the equation of curve y = 2 X into 2 - x or we can write this as y equals to 2 x minus x square this is a question of given in the question we have to write the equation of normal 8.20 ok so if a point is given now we have to find the slope of normal how we can find the slope of normal first we find the slope of tangent what is slope of tangent slope of tangent suppose slope of tangent is M1 and this is equals to DY by DX we know that what is near from here DY by DX is

2 - of 2x so what is the slope at points 20 so DY by DX at 20 this is equals to 2 minus 2 into 2 minus 2 into 2 is 4 so this is equals to minus 2 so slope of tangent is -2 now suppose slope of normal is slope of normal is equals to M2 so we know that I'm one into M2 is equal to -1 what is m2m to is minus one upon M1 this is minus one upon -2 which is one upon two this is the slope of normal ok now by using point slope form by using point slope form we can write the equation of normal what is a slope of normal slope of normal is 1 by 2 and point

10 what is equation question is why -0 is equals to half into x minus 2 ok multiplied to the said this is 2y = 2 x minus 2 all we can write this as to why minus x + 2 = 20 which option is it is to Y minus x + 2 = 20 to which option is to wear dresses to wear to work - or fax or if we have to make this extra positive week and x is equal to minus sin so this is X - 2y - 2 = 20 we can also write like this this is also the answer granny multiplayer this why negative sin x minus 2 Y - 2 so which option is this is X - 2y - 2 = 20 option is correct ok


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