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The equation of common tangent...

The equation of common tangent to the curves `y^2 =4x` and `xy=2` is (A) `x+2y-4=0` (B) `x+2y+4=0` (C) `x-2y+4=0` (D) `x-2y-4=0`


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hello question we have to find the equation of the common tangent to this and discuss this isn't that the equation of tangent can be given by Y is equals to how we can write that equation of the tangent will be given that by Value from that it into will be equal to 2 we can write that this will be equal to taking LCM this will be we can write that

will be close to them to see this is a quadratic equation and what we have that we have solved the tangent with this hyperbola all this and this line so if this line is solving it is it will be something only one point of this equation if it is standard to this equation would have only one root is it can be given plus minus beta is this equation De will be B square minus 4 is that

is a square minus 2 minus 2 then we can write that this will be 1 -2 kam + 8 M cube is equal to that we can get that = -1 back to this will be our value of I have to find the equation of the equation of putting this we got that Y is equal to minus b block after taking MGM - 42

+ X + X + 2 Y + 4 will be our answer this will be our answer