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The equation of a rectangular ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : The equation of the rectangular hyperbola is <br> `(x-3)(y-5)+lambda=0` <br> It passes through (7, 8). Hence, <br> `4xx3+lambda or lambda=-12` <br> `therefore" "Xy-5x-3y+15-12=0` <br> `"or "xy-3y-5x+3=0`

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the first unit the equation of a rectangular hyperbola whose asymptote are x is equal to 3 and Y is equals to 5 and passing through 78 is that if we have to find the equation given that if I named as even then this is it is equal to 3 then this implies 1 - 2nd sem 2 Y is equal to 5 which implied by minus 5 is equal to now we know that the combined combined equation of asymptotes and the hyperbola is is differ by Jatta constant equation off then we can find out the equation of hyperbola even find out the combined equation of hyperbola which is ever into two

will be x minus 3 into Y minus 5 is equal to zero that a quiet - 5 x minus 3 Y + 50 is equal to zero is the combined equation of the asymptotes of the hyperbola and the equation of the hyperbola is Defined by the person I will add a contact here we know that we are given that this is passing through 7.78 will satisfy this equation seletar substitute the values 7 into 8 - 5 into 7 minus 3 into 8 + 15 + Lambda is equal to zero and

-35 - 24 + 15 + Lambda is equal to zero then 51 and 59 + Lambda = 2012 + Lambda Lambda is equal to x y - 5 x minus y + - 12 is equal to zero which implies x y - 5 x minus 3 Y + 3 is equal to the required equation of the rectangle

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