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The equation of a parabola is ...

The equation of a parabola is (x + y - 2)^2 = sqrt2 (x - y) then (a) Vertex of the parabola is (1,1) (b) latus rectum of parabola is 2. (c) The equation of tangent at vertex is x+y-2=0. (d) the perpendicular from focus on any tangent of the parabola is x-y=0.



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Updated On: 14-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59welcome friends are cautioned that is equation of a parabola is as + power minus 2 whole square is equal to 2 x minus y then we have to choose the correct option option that is given that is as + Y - 2 whole square is equals to root 2 x minus 5 case now divide by 2 to both sides will get your that is divided by 2 X + 2 x minus 1 divided by 2 root 2 and understood that is a plus b minus 2 root 2 root 2 root 2 x x minus 5
01:00 - 01:59route to and from this route to this route is cancelled out your minus 2 root 2 is equals to x minus 5 divided by root 2 x 4 x 4 the graph for this parable that is this equation for the statistics as plus minus 2 is equals to education for the success will be as - 5 = 20 now every payable to the paragraph will be
02:00 - 02:59and now it is given that S plus minus 2 is equals to zero Nokia X plus y question to ok now 0ats minus y is equals to zero even now before the latest from solving here will get access to buy King so you will get by + Y is equals to 2 and 2 Y is equal to 2 and Y is equal to I will get why and similarly if we put here in this occasion we put by cos 2x 2x is equal to 2 so X = also one will come here we get that the word 11
03:00 - 03:59that option that is what is of parabola is 112 this correct now we'll see check for the latest on the so what is the formula of letters rectum is blood test detect M letter sector is equal to 4 year and we can see the year that is this the end is the age of this equation so from here is four wheeler cancellous in the letters atom will be even so The Attacks that a well as to not to cause now the equation of the tangent of what is Express farmers two ok and here it is given that the equation of the actress is not then what will be also force means there's also Falls and for the perpendicular from focus on any tangent of the parabola 6 - 5 = 20 and the perpendicular from the
04:00 - 04:59focus on anytime date of the parable of the tangent of the parabola is only the vertex of the parabola so this is not possible cosmetic what is only the tangent so means option one is correct means all oppose only option thank you

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